Stuck at home🦉

I know… I understand it’s been quite a while you’ve acted all insane on streets with your friends I know, it’s a been while since you’ve met your friends, hiding from the world to a corner and talked for hours listening to the same playlist. Yes I know you had a life over there, andContinue reading “Stuck at home🦉”

Take care of yourself✨

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” ~ John Lennon Ok, I am not trying to become a therapist here, but from past a few days I’ve been a little rigid on myself and my body…which I realised was very wrong!! So, today I found myself giving some suggestion toContinue reading “Take care of yourself✨”

You will find someone💜

“Little by little, day by day, what is meant for you will find it’s way” You will find someone who’d wait for an entire hour without getting mad at you, because they’d know you’re gonna be late, as usual. You will find someone who’d laugh at your lamest jokes because they’d genuinely find them funny.Continue reading “You will find someone💜”

What it takes to be a “Good Person”🦄🌸☺

I’m sure every single one reading to this blog would relate to this in some or other way…, all of us want to become a better person, but some of us don’t know how. Every single day before going to bed I sit their and try to reflect and see if I’ve done anything badContinue reading “What it takes to be a “Good Person”🦄🌸☺”

If it’s seedless, Do not eat it🥑

Seedless fruit is produced through a process known as parthenocarpy, which means “virgin fruit.” It’s the process of producing fruits without fertilization.Parthenocarpy may occur naturally as a mutation or be induced artificially. Methods used to induce parthenocarpy include artificial pollination with altered or dead pollen or by injecting fruit with synthetic chemicals. “Fruits are nature’sContinue reading “If it’s seedless, Do not eat it🥑”

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