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Saying ‘ow’ even though something didn’t hurt.

Not blowing hot food and instead hashafashasha till you can chew it to gulp.

Reading something but rereading the same part over and over again because your thoughts are too distracting.

Pretending you’re a youtuber when doing makeup or unboxing things.

Imagining scenarios in your head that will never happen.

Going over past arguments and thinking of better things you could have said.

Checking the fridge multiple times to see if food magically appeared.

Fake laugh when you don’t know what someone just said.

That awkward little half walking half running thing when a car lets you cross the road.

Adding things to your shopping cart but never buying them.

Saying you’re on your way but you’re still getting ready.

Typing a word on your phone to see how it’s spelled.

Turning your pillow to the colder side.

Pacing back and forth when you’re on the phone.

Calculate how many hours of sleep you’ll get if you go to bed ‘right now’

Stopping the microwave with one second to go.

Opening a birthday/gift card and pretending you didn’t notice money while reading the card.

Tracking the package even though you ordered it just 5 minutes ago.

Going to the bathroom without wearing the slippers and instantly regretting that decision.

Lol… 😂😂

I’m sure many of you can relate to this… Just agree, okay!? I know your secrets🤧