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TV Series and Movies that you can’t miss!!

First of all…. Apologies💜 for evaporating suddenly for this lengthy period….🥺

Second of all, I thought of returning back with some flavourful content for y’all, do check this out…hope you like em⛅ (handpicked by me)

Current time has us binge watching now more than ever. But if most of your time goes by in scrolling through genres and “exploring” your options, this blog is especially for you!

I have listed together some movies and web series that will have you hooked like nothing else because let’s admit it how many times are we gonna watch the “TVD” or the “Originals” or the “Legacies” (though we never gonna get rid of it😛💜)

Also if you have any other recommendations or know some ah-mazing series or movie yourself, don’t forget to let me and everyone else know in the comments below!


A Survival game where in a group of people find themselves trapped in a high tech escape room only to find that they all have a dark secret in common. Experience the thrill that keeps you on the edge of your seat every moment. Watch on – Amazon Prime


The movie is gripping, crisp and concise. I watched this move in the comforts of my home and I guess this made it more exciting and i sat completely engrossed in the movie. It turned out better then I thought i like how the authors used all the interesting intensifying moments from each of those different thriller movies and combined it in one. Watch on – Netflix


Now.. Here we are talking about one of my favorite movies…🐣
Every decade produces a movie which pushes the art of storytelling towards its Pinnacle. And this movie does exactly that.
For 90 minutes, I was hooked. My heart was pounding so fast throughout, that I could literally hear it during this experience of an edge-of-the-seat spectacle. Watch on – Netflix / Amazon Prime

Miss this movie at your own peril.


Orphan is terrifying. The premise is not new, but its execution will keep you at the edge of your seat. The film is packed with intense story beats and never slows down to let you breathe, but that is a good thing.
It has got such great directing, production and acting that it is undoubtedly a must-watch for horror fans craving for something creepy and gory. Watch on – Netflix / Amazon Prime


Where my Hindi audience at…. 😂
Again, one of my favorite movies🎠

I watched it on the big screen in the cinema hall….“Bas ek thappad, lekin nahi maar sakta” if you missed to watch in the cinema halls, now is the time to catch up on this jaw dropping and moving story of a simpleton homemaker who has the courage that is lacked by millions.Watch on – Amazon Prime


The devil is back(but in Los Angeles) to make you drool and want for more. Watch Satan fall in love and solve crimes but with an accent that will have you bewitched. Watch on – Netflix


Throw your hands up the – “Hindi Audience”

A playboy father wakes up to find out that he has a 20 something daughter. Strewn with blockbuster songs and the gorgeous Alaya, this is a must watch if you prefer a light comedy to shoo away the boredom blues Watch on – Amazon Prime

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My favorite songs🎶🎤at the moment🌈

“Some days I need the music and some days I need the lyrics”

Music has always been really important to me. I love listening to songs when I’m taking photos, writing, sitting in the car or walking outside; not a day goes by when I haven’t listened to any song.
The music I’m listening to changes a lot, but there are some songs that never tire and I’m always in the mood for.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~

Well… There are so many artists and songs, and so it is really hard to choose the favorites while there are plenty of great soulful songs that I want to hear to….

This is my first blog post dedicated to music, and so I will try my best to share those some of the artists and songs that I love listening to anytime!

On A Quick Note….
One artist I’m currently obsessing over is Maisie Peters. TBH, I really didn’t knew who she is, but then I discovered her music a few weeks ago and wanted to share it with the world as it made me feel so alive.
I really love all the songs she’s made so far but this one hits different – Stay Young.
I would definitely recommend you to checking her out!

Maisie Peters – Stay Young

Another Artist I’m completely in love with is – Lewis Capaldi!
Ohh myyy my, I cannot just put that feeling down in words when I first heard his – Someone you loved. ( I have also made a cover for this song… Hehe, I’m a bit shy to share that, but I promise once I feel it’s good to post I’ll share with all my unicorns here🥺🦄)
And trust me all his songs are so so good!

Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved

They have something extra I can’t really put into words.

Lev – When I hurt you
Faime – Rain
Natalie Taylor – Surrender
Rachel Platten – Fight Song
Daniela Andrade – La Vie En Rose

Other of my favorite songs up there☝ I hope you’ll enjoy listening to them. I’m also super excited to hear your song recommendations, since I’m always looking for more music to listen to. What is your favourite song at the moment?





All images above are inspired from Pexels and Spotify!