Open letter📜

I see people falling in love. Everyday. They fall in and out. Talking about break-ups and heart breaks. You can also un-love someone strikes me as amusing. You know literally, I see matches being made not in heaven but on Tinder. I wonder how are matrimonial sites any different from online shopping. I see loveContinue reading “Open letter📜”

Birthdays make me sad🧁💔

Yes… You read that right, birthday’s make me feel sad at this point of my life🙂 Evey year, you wake up to a barrage of notifications. So many text messeges, so many missed calls and God knows what not. T….h….e….n?? The next day is just about eerie silence on your phone (apart from the friendsContinue reading “Birthdays make me sad🧁💔”

Little moments which have made all of us feel sad💔

When you got to know that people closest to you talk shit about you behind your back. When you love something in a store, look at the price tag, and then, carefully put it back. When your parents get into an argument, or when they ask you to choose one of them to stay with.Continue reading “Little moments which have made all of us feel sad💔”

Perks of being friends with me🐝💜

Mental support anytime of the day! Celebrate your success with you. Give you relationship advices. Be ready to deal with endless craziness. Help you learn new things without making you feel stupid. Support you when the world turns it’s back on you. I’m not good with words but I will bake you cakes, cookies andContinue reading “Perks of being friends with me🐝💜”

Thoughts #2

Dude, I heard somebodies footsteps.Rush in quick, quick, lock the door. Ohh no no nooonoono, they getting closer.. Ssshhhhh. Faint. Aaahhh. Not again. Dream!! How come I forgot to set my alarm last night. Anyway, nightmares are a good concept of alarm clocks. Mhhmmm. How late is late late? I’ll go poop. It’s so hotContinue reading “Thoughts #2”

Review Time #1 – Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Cleanser

Skin Type- •Combination to Oily •Sensitive Skin – No Price – 2799Rs /- (approx.) Product Description: Clinically proven to rapidly reduce size and redness of stubborn acne in just 1 day.Formulate with maximum strength Benzoyl Peroxide, the acne medicine dermatologists recommend for clearer skin without a prescription. My Experience with Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn AcneContinue reading “Review Time #1 – Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Cleanser”

That kind of Love✨💜

They don’t make that kind of Love anymore. One where you touch them with your heart before you touch them with your hands kind of love. The one where you speak to them with your eyes before you speak to them with words kind of love. Where you want to untangle their hurt before youContinue reading “That kind of Love✨💜”

This too shall pass…

I’m done with people, completely. I don’t put any efforts to make friends or to make them stay. I’ve come to a very true realisation that everyone leaves. That’s the way of the world Nothing surprises me…you may find me giving fake expressions like…. “Awwww”, “ohh my gawdd” , or “woooowwww”…..Duh!! I’m too kind ofContinue reading “This too shall pass…”

Stuck at home🦉

I know… I understand it’s been quite a while you’ve acted all insane on streets with your friends I know, it’s a been while since you’ve met your friends, hiding from the world to a corner and talked for hours listening to the same playlist. Yes I know you had a life over there, andContinue reading “Stuck at home🦉”

My tips on “Cardigan Styling” this season

Warm welcome all my ladies, oh! And all the men too(help your girl’s with this blog) I know what you all are thinking… why cardigans? Aren’t they a drab thing of the past? I thought so, too. Until I recently, when I started to recognize that old dated fashion is an absolute fresh trend! WhichContinue reading “My tips on “Cardigan Styling” this season”

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