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We Live In An Era Where…

• Being basic means you’ve no personality, but being manipulative means you’re charming.

• Where going online and clicking a button is all it takes to make a new friend

• Where kind hearted people are made fun of, on the prettiest things and mean behaviour is celebrated!!

• Where anticipation builds from glimpses of ‘delivered’ to ‘read’ to ‘replied’

• Where ‘liking’ someone begins with stalking them online and ends with blocking them. Like seriously??

• Where friendships are fractured over careless comments, photos not shared and handles not tagged.

• Where love is proclaimed to the world even before it’s said to each other. Where showing someone love is as easy as a double-tap away, but harder to say.

• Where we link too many meanings to the less important things. Perhaps, we are scrolling through an era of fleeting feelings.

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Myths About Singles:

They hate love

– No, they don’t. They just don’t like tantrums that people throw in a relationship, and probably are not ready for any commitments.

Singles end up lonely

– No, they are escorted by a lot of other creative things, and enjoy their time on every little thing of life and nature.

Singles are obsessed with heartbreak quotes or songs!!

– No, Utter nonsense!! This is such a silly judgement man!! Who said singles are supposed to be sad?? And, heartbroken songs have just got too deep lyrics to admire.

They keep cursing people who are in love!!

– Why?? Why would they?? Don’t they have any other job rather than thinking about romantic relationships?? (Just hate when couples get tacky or cheezy in public, ugghhh, STOP!!)

Singles have multiple crushes!!

– Yes, they do. They crush over every character of their favorite movie or web-series. And, they also crush over food or books and brands. (yes, we exist)

They never dress up well and you’ll always find them in PJs!!

– What?? You mean to say that they have to dress up well only to impress others?? Common!!

They are always available and always trying to find ‘The One’!!

– That’s not true!! If this is how it was then they would never remain single. Reason is they are not ready to commit and never ever want to fake any relationship.

They like their ‘me time’ a lot!!

– Actually, yes. They do love themselves a lot. This isn’t a myth.