What it takes to be a “Good Person”🦄🌸☺

I’m sure every single one reading to this blog would relate to this in some or other way…, all of us want to become a better person, but some of us don’t know how. Every single day before going to bed I sit their and try to reflect and see if I’ve done anything badContinue reading “What it takes to be a “Good Person”🦄🌸☺”

My favorite songs🎶🎤at the moment🌈

“Some days I need the music and some days I need the lyrics” Music has always been really important to me. I love listening to songs when I’m taking photos, writing, sitting in the car or walking outside; not a day goes by when I haven’t listened to any song.The music I’m listening to changesContinue reading “My favorite songs🎶🎤at the moment🌈”

If it’s seedless, Do not eat it🥑

Seedless fruit is produced through a process known as parthenocarpy, which means “virgin fruit.” It’s the process of producing fruits without fertilization.Parthenocarpy may occur naturally as a mutation or be induced artificially. Methods used to induce parthenocarpy include artificial pollination with altered or dead pollen or by injecting fruit with synthetic chemicals. “Fruits are nature’sContinue reading “If it’s seedless, Do not eat it🥑”


“A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.”~Unknown Like snakes shed their skins periodically, I have come to think we shed a bit of ourselves too. But unlike snakes, we don’t completely walk away from the skin we shed. We leave a bit of ourselves behind, with everyone we meet,Continue reading “Memories💫💙”

Ever heard of long distance “Friendships”?

Long distance friendship are those that can get stronger from the miles that they apart, where there is anything that can prevent you from being friends. Friendships on their own can sometimes feel difficult to manage let alone maintaining them when there’s distance. Ever since I moved to an other city aftey eleventh grade, I’veContinue reading “Ever heard of long distance “Friendships”?”

Easiest Fudgy Brownies🤤

Okay… We gonna rewind to Valentine’s Day. I’m single. My plan is to watch movies with my dadzu and to eat some delicious turkey dinner. Now… As the sun went down I was badly craving for brownies – like, I really need brownies for aforementioned reasons—and proceed to pull every baking book off of myContinue reading “Easiest Fudgy Brownies🤤”

Menstrual Awareness🌼

In India menstruation is an absolute taboo topic. But… My friends, both male and female talk about it quite openly and help each other when we feel weak during these days. I think it is really important to accept it the way it is and realize it is an absolutely natural step in every women’sContinue reading “Menstrual Awareness🌼”

Road Trips

I was 4 since I started taking trips, with family, friends, friends in the form of cousins….! 9 out of 10 trips were never planned…haha, the most amusing part is a true traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving! It used to be so instantaneous, and my family members be likeContinue reading “Road Trips”

School Days☁🌸

Kheekheee, I’m so “eXcITed” !! From where do I start…. Okay….I’ll begin from kicking off my mornings! Every single day I roll out of my bed, refreshed, 6 am. Gotcha! Here’s how my waking up actually looks like:Meerrrrrgghhhhhhhh!!!!! – The sound of me sleeping. After a 3700 alarms, my mom comes in and frantically callsContinue reading “School Days☁🌸”

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