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We Live In An Era Where…

• Being basic means you’ve no personality, but being manipulative means you’re charming.

• Where going online and clicking a button is all it takes to make a new friend

• Where kind hearted people are made fun of, on the prettiest things and mean behaviour is celebrated!!

• Where anticipation builds from glimpses of ‘delivered’ to ‘read’ to ‘replied’

• Where ‘liking’ someone begins with stalking them online and ends with blocking them. Like seriously??

• Where friendships are fractured over careless comments, photos not shared and handles not tagged.

• Where love is proclaimed to the world even before it’s said to each other. Where showing someone love is as easy as a double-tap away, but harder to say.

• Where we link too many meanings to the less important things. Perhaps, we are scrolling through an era of fleeting feelings.


Sharing Smiles🧚‍♀. Sighing In Delight☁

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