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Few Traits of a strong, independent woman!!!

Being a independent, strong woman is not about how cute we look on any given day. It is not about being popular, It is about our character. It is being good examples for others and taking good care of ourselves at the same time.

We all have this strength within us, and it is very important that we do not forget this. When you are going through rough times or simply need to remember how awesome you are, come back to this blog and review my top characteristics of mentally strong women!

• We can be both strong and sensitive

• Don’t expect us to quit or jobs to look after the household

• We’re not afraid to speak our minds, even if it offends you

• We’re independent and need a partner who isn’t threatened by that

• Strong women are less emotionally dependent

• Our self respect is non negotiable

• There’s a limit to compromises we’ll make

• We say NO without having to explain ourselves

• We don’t let the opinions of others influence us.

• We don’t stay in toxic relationships – If you can’t work through things with your friends, then it’s time to cut the strings and let them go.

Sometimes, it is easy to be mentally strong, and sometimes it is not. I will say that we are all capable of being mentally strong, and we can all find the best paths for our minds as we navigate through life. There are tons of women who possess these characteristics and do not even know it.


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