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Moments that have broke all of us a little from inside☁💔

I hate it how the little things rip us apart!!!

The first time you saw your Mum / Dad cry, we were barely some toddlers or in mid of teenage. We sat their holding their hands or hugging them tight or trynna tickle them just to make them smile and what not to make them feel better.

When we gave it our everything, we spent countless hours, worked on the specific project day and night. We chose staying back and working hard over hanging out, our laptop over sleep, we made this one thing literraly giving our whole life, only to be told that it wasn’t good enough, that we weren’t enough!!

When our photo gallery pops out with a notification saying : ”this day, 1 year ago”, we go back in time. We go back to that happy memory. We start missing that moment or sometimes we just start missing that person, and we quickly scroll past because it still hurts!!

Some odd time, somewhere middle of a night, we play some random slow song turns out to be our favorite one. We wish we could talk to someone who feels like a donut🍩🥺, rant about our manager or about the person we dislike, or simply just talk about the new show we binging on!!
We scroll through our contacts, only to reach the last name before the song ends, only to find out that there’s no one we can talk to these days!!

Going through the picture gallery and our thumb instinctively stops at a picture. May be it was because the sun’s shining a little too bright or the skies were a little more blue, we must be smiling a little too wide or may be because it was our last picture with that person. Sucks even the most when we cannot even send it to them!!

Knowing that, we don’t cry over people, we cry over the way we get treated because we clearly don’t deserve that!

And.. when our life doesn’t wholey give us Rainbows🌈 then, why do we allow people just to love us for our Rainbows🌈??
Because Darling…I’m here with my storms too…🌪🌩

Let me know your heart breaking moments once which had you ripped sadly… Let’s talk out and let it set free from our hearts forever and ever☁💜


Sharing Smiles🧚‍♀. Sighing In Delight☁

2 thoughts on “Moments that have broke all of us a little from inside☁💔

  1. This is so freaking beautiful 😭❤️
    That Google photo popups literally hurts. We miss the days being around with them and the worst thing is we are not the same anymore.
    Seeing our parents cry is a different level of pain.
    Last lines 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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