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Birthdays make me sad🧁💔

Yes… You read that right, birthday’s make me feel sad at this point of my life🙂

Evey year, you wake up to a barrage of notifications. So many text messeges, so many missed calls and God knows what not.


The next day is just about eerie silence on your phone (apart from the friends who send a ‘belated’ wish.)

All the phone calls or texts just ask you one thing “so, what plans?” you think about your day, and try to come up with something exciting…and, if you are anything like me, you’d just want to be left alone like any other day.

You keep asking yourself, what’s even the point?

What’s the point of everyone remembering and celebrating you for “ONE” day and then forgetting you for another year?

You find yourself replying to people you haven’t spoken to ages.

You know… I have just realised, as you grow older, birthdays stop being about gifts, parties, or friends. They start being about more responsibilities, maturity, and burdens.
As you grow older, birthdays just become a stinging reminder of the things you have not done. The things you could have done.


On this day, your overthinking brain just refuses to shut up. On one hand, your close friends are doing a countdown for your birthday and on the other you can barely keep up with life.

It’s been this way for me… It’s when you don’t understand everyone’s happiness around you when you are just wondering what’s even their to celebrate.

Writing this just a few days prior my birthday and ouch. It hurts.





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9 thoughts on “Birthdays make me sad🧁💔

  1. nonostante tutto per me i compleanni sono sempre occasioni speciali, anche se durano un solo giorno, è bello ricevere molte attenzioni e sentirsi un po’ unici, almeno per quegli attimi! 😉 Coraggio, dai, non essere triste, hai una vita davanti a te, e ti auguro possa essere luminosa e solare, colma di quelle soprese e di quelle gioie che hai sempre desiderato… 😉 Auguriiii!!!!

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    1. haha …. grazie ancora per essere il lato positivo nelle sezioni del mio blog … desidero che tu riceva sempre più felicità e gioia che di un solo giorno di compleanno, e non sono scontento di compleanni, sono solo pochi fatti che ti fanno sentire così … grazie …🌸💌

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