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Little moments which have made all of us feel sad💔

When you got to know that people closest to you talk shit about you behind your back.

When you love something in a store, look at the price tag, and then, carefully put it back.

When your parents get into an argument, or when they ask you to choose one of them to stay with.

When you are missing home, and you can’t go home because the semester isn’t ending anytime soon.

When you get to know that the person you love is cheating on you.

When someone plays “hold on” or “someone to you” and your mind just goes back to some incident. Also, “Agar Tum Saath ho” and “Kabira”

When you got to know that your crush is in a relationship.

Realising that you failed in mathematics and your best friend passed, somehow.

When you felt like you don’t belong, even in your own group. You felt terribly lonely at that moment.

The last episode of TVD when steff sacrifices. (where my TVD fam at?)

When you think you have kinda special place in a person’s life but they proove you wrong as it leaves you feeling so wretched.

When your dad gets mad at you, THE MOST PAINFUL.




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14 thoughts on “Little moments which have made all of us feel sad💔

  1. These all made me feel “aww I know” inside, hugs to you. Perhaps to balance this post, you could do a counter-post about the unexpected pleasures in life that make everyone feel like the sun is shining.

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    1. Of course there is always light beaming in all of us life in every unexpected ways…because there is a superior power a diety working on all of us in a beautiful manner… This post was nothing to feel negative about…. As we learn through dejection too… Thank you so much✨💜

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    1. Prima di tutto grazie mille, secondo di tutto … questo post non era niente di evidenziare sulla negatività, come puoi trovare gioia anche in queste cose …. queste cose non ti fanno mai cadere in depressione !!

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