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Take care of yourself✨

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

~ John Lennon

Ok, I am not trying to become a therapist here, but from past a few days I’ve been a little rigid on myself and my body…which I realised was very wrong!!

So, today I found myself giving some suggestion to each of you reading this. Maybe it’s the season, maybe it’s in the air. And maybe you can benefit, too. What I want to say repeatedly is, “Take good care of yourself.”

Somehow it’s seems so easy to forget to pay attention to our own needs.

We push through, keep going, and ignore ourselves until the well runs completely dry.

Then you wonder why you are exhausted, why you feel anxious and disconnected…

You Matter💜

Taking care of yourself means counting yourself in.

You matter, you absolutely do. And your quality of life suffers when you neglect yourself.

We normally tend to find happiness in others which is not completely wrong, but eventually when we are happier with ourselves is when we can see happiness in others🌈

You lose a sense of your priorities, and you end up grasping for solutions just to keep your head above water.

Maybe you think that taking care of yourself is selfish. This is a common misconception that is patently untrue. Be there for your self🌸

Being caught up in your own stress doesn’t serve you or anyone else. Stop overthinking.

Commit to taking care of you for you, for your quality of life, so you can live with a full and open heart. And don’t have to lean on anybody to make you happy.

Here is the paradox: When you take good care of yourself, you get out of your own way. You are less self-focused. You aren’t captured by your needs, dramas, and obsessions.

Start with you, and you will experience great freedom in being open, peaceful, and awake to your life and everyone in it.

Spreading joy🌈
Love always,
Crazzy Pants.




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Sharing Smiles🧚‍♀. Sighing In Delight☁

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