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School Days☁🌸

Kheekheee, I’m so “eXcITed” !!

From where do I start…. Okay….I’ll begin from kicking off my mornings!

Every single day I roll out of my bed, refreshed, 6 am.


Here’s how my waking up actually looks like:
Meerrrrrgghhhhhhhh!!!!! – The sound of me sleeping.

After a 3700 alarms, my mom comes in and frantically calls me out of bed, After a couple more minutes I finally convince myself to wake myself out of the bed! Huuhhh!!

Tip toeing down the stairs, waiting for Ganga Akka to bring my cup of Horlicks on the dining room table.
Ohh… Wooopsie, I’m sorry I forgot to introduce Ganga Akka….everyone put your hands together for Ganga Akka, “Ms.Maid”

And…. Then, I snug myself with one socks on my left leg and the other leg swinging around in air on the porch for 1 to 2 hours in a earth-toned blanky or shawl writing in my moleskin notebook.

By the time I’m done, I quickly head to freshen up and iron my uniform and pack my bag with the books according to the time table ( And, my mumma yelling at me to conclude all these work last night itself and not to rush everything in the mornings) but, I always forget to do it at nights…Hehe, I’m such a bhulakkad, aarrggghh!

Then I dress up, and quickly head up to the dining room back again, waiting for Ganga Didi to bring my Pb&J sandwiches with soaked almonds, sliced banana’s and scrambled egg’s , why cannot I just get donuts in my breakfast… I mean, why not?

And thennn…..enters the role of my dadzuu, he comes up straight and first checks the glass of my milk and runs behind me to finish off that yukyy brownish part of the milk where all that protein powder gets settled down at the bottom and gives an inadequate taste, I’m sure most of them are able to relate to this part… Aaarrghhh!

Later… He puts on the shoes on my legs while I am literally struggling to gulp that breakfast in less than 7 mins (okay.. That was quite an odd time, Hehe) Mmm… Probably, less that 5 mins. And then he brings down my blazer as it is mandatory to wear it everyday in my school except on Wednesday’s (a relief, hooofff!)

I always love missing my school bus as I would get a long drive with my dadzu to school (best start to my day), I love when he drives me to my school by himself and we listen to our favorite songs on the way!!!!

The best parts of the school days are already covered… But I would yet love to wrap it up by talking about the study environment!

It’s been a few years now since I’ve passed out of my school… And as a child we always like to grow up fast because at that age we feel burdened with the homeworks and assignments.

But… Now when we recall those instants it seems they are far..far…far more better than the current situation.

School days are definitely those golden days of our lives where we get so many freinds, had our happy/sad moments, lunch with them, played together and did gossips or Crushing on teachers and seniors and had a lot of fun!

Those most memorable moments are like picnics, Inter school competitions, sports day and those get together parties.
Yes… Being all grown up we have many advantages but yet, School times are the best and incomparable!

There are so many never ending stories of our school times but as of now I would love to conclude it here and, leave y’all with reminiscing with your school memories!

Crazzy Pants <:^


Sharing Smiles🧚‍♀. Sighing In Delight☁

18 thoughts on “School Days☁🌸

  1. You write very descriptively and you have a light joyful sense of humour. Many of your names and expressions are unfamiliar to me probably because I am Canadian.
    I am going to see if you have an About page. I came here because you showed interest in my blog, thank you for visiting. I hope you will add a comment so I can get to know you better. If you want me to I will make suggestions to you on what I like and what I think you might consider trying in your writing. Best wishes! – David

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Mr. David, I am contented that you showed up interest and took out time to read my blogs….☺
      Thank you for all your suggestion and those few words which were unfamiliar to you were because they are the languages of India, as I had spent my childhood in parts of South India… And suggestions of yours and all others is what I look forward for… Please go ahead 🌸☺

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Ms. Cheryl, I’m glad you were able to relate to my story.. Haha, we’ve all loved those school diaries of our lives… Thank you💞
      Best wishes to you….🌸🌈


  2. I love your description. It’s a much better version of schooling than I experienced. I also love how you blend your local language with English in your writing. Bilingualism really is a gift. I, however, had a worse experience in my early school life. I remember one teacher in particular, he left such an impact in my life that it’s hard to forget him. Feel free to read about him on

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Virgo🌈, first of all Thank you so much for your opinion and I’m glad you liked it and I hope reading this gave you a smile😇
      And I’m so sorry for the school experience of yours…May Lord make it easy on you and guide your teacher to the right path.


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