Do We Really Handle Mental Health The Way It Should Be ?

You know, it was just crossing my mind that how many times a friend of ours come to us facing a problem or an issue and we just sometimes shut them out by saying “Aree yaar, leave na, Itni si hi toh baat hai, theek hojayega” or “Arree chod na yaar, sabki life me problems hai, tu sojaa, Itna mat dhyaan de inn sab pe”. And here, I think consciously or unconsciously we are all to be blamed to take these things lightly!

We just randomly assume that No.. No, No this person cannot be depressed. Why don’t we really accept that mental health can just arise to any xyz person or any friend of ours.
This is something we talk or hear about every passing day, but we deny to accept the fact that this can be triggered to any of our own circle of people , or freinds or family members!

I just wanna share a little incident, this happened to be with one of my neighbour aunty.
My mom is a very friendly women…and people get close to her in a very less span of time, just like that there is a couple living in my building and they have got no children, And this aunty keeps visiting my home and she keeps sharing things with me and my mom. One day she came up and shared problems going on in her domestic life, and we were astounded by listening to her story, my mom tried convincing her to not tolerate any of these, and try to move on to lead a better life, and no women should be treated in this way!
But, this aunty has a typical mentality of “Mere pati mere devata hai, woh jo bhi kare galat ho ya sahi, par hai toh woh mere pati hi”. And now everyday she battles with herself and she fights with her own mental stability and tries to live happy accepting all the facts going on in her life! I don’t understand why people take these things lightly.

It is just that a person who is undergoing problems does not always wants you to come up with any kind of solutions or to offer help. Sometimes all they want is just a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on!

Understand this, every little thing you put on the internet or any little thing you say to a person, that you do affects a mental health of a person! I think we should accept that we cannot really ‘heal’ or ‘treat’ a person but all you can do is provide a safe space!
Stop using the pharses like “It’s all in your head” , “C’mon, it’s not even that big of deal” Instead speak sentences like “Hey, I know i might not be able to relate or understand exactly what you are going through, but always know that I am here for you” , “I understand that it is disturbing you, but you can always talk to me about it without the fear of being judged, or we can go seek help to make you feel better”

One more thing I wanted to speak about is, if you bully your classmates or co-workers in an working environment just out of jokes or fun or giggles, make them feel inferior or even go around laughing or talking mean about them then I am sorry but the world does not need you to share “I am here” post. No one is stopping you to put out your opinion but there is a certain way of doing it! And crack jokes only when you know that the other person is taking it as a joke or can handle it!

Last but not the least

This topic can never really have an ending to it. I would just wrap this up by saying that times are never easy for everyone rather they are challenging and overwhelming to each person of this planet! Yes, things get tough and sometimes out of the way to handle them, but all we can do is be affectionate towards each other, and do not take anything for granted!
Please take care of yourself and your loved ones and never ever be shy to open up, there are so many angels in the form of humans who are always more than happy to help.
There is always always hope!

“Dusro ke liye khushiyan maang ke toh dekho, khud ki khushiyon ka thikana nahi rahega

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15 thoughts on “Do We Really Handle Mental Health The Way It Should Be ?

  1. Really a good part of pointing out at how mental health is handled rather MISHANDLED . Beautifully explained . It feels good to read such words and awareness being in mental health field it makes me feel good. Keep writing more 🤩

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